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Grégoire Huret is a self-taught photographer based in Paris and shoots 90% film and 10% digital capture. (“Tete de loup” literally means wolf head but in idiomatic French translates as children, much as we call ’em “kids.”) Huret’s low key site design has a white background instead of the black many photographers feel compelled to use that results in white text on black, which isn’t all that easy on the eyes. A white background, on the other hand, provides a digital paper effect and making text easy to read while providing equal emphasis on the photographs.

In this case, there are nine groups of image that read as classical photo essays, rather than mere collections of images. All of his film-based essays are monochrome; the two digital are color and the contrast in how Huret approaches each is different and interesting. In Nice, for example, the grainy black and white images have a loose reportorial, even voyeuristic style.

While in Digital 2 the images are brighter (and obviously more colorful but really colorful) and he seems physically closer to his subjects allowing them to play out their roles on life’s stage. Which is best? It doesn’t matter because both are impressive in their own but dissimilar ways. Huret is a keen observer of the human comedy a recorder of the everyday but not in a haphazard street photography way. He is part anthropologist, part philosopher and all artist. The simplicity of the site design allows you to get up close and personal with his images and the scenes and people depicted within.”

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Art/Afrique Le nouvel atelier

“À côté d’expositions monographiques, la Fondation Vuitton présente des expositions collectives de scènes moins connues ou méconnues dans leurs développements les plus actuels : « Art/ Afrique, le nouvel atelier », constitue une approche de la création récente de Afrique sub-saharienne à l’Afrique du Sud à partir de trois points de vue qui se déploient dans l’ensemble des galeries” - source http://www.fondationlouisvuitton.fr/

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