“To me, it’s the best place for streetphotography”

My first edit is about my love for 35mm BW photographs and Big Apple. Each time I’ve been there, I brought 35mm camera and BW rolls. For my very first time in 2013 it was a tiny black Rollei 35 SE and Kodak TriX 400 rolls. For the second time in 2014 it was a Contax RTS, 35mm Zeiss f/2,8 and Kodak TriX 400. And finally the last winter it was a Leica M6 TTL, 50mm summicron f/2 with Kodak Tmax 400. 

All photographs in this edit was shot in New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens). Big Apple is an amazing city, there is too much to see, eat, or even photograph.

To me, it’s the best place for streetphotography, people are friendly and the architecture is fantastic.

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